July 27th, 2014: Kim leaving a photoshoot in LA.
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decided to set up a lil queue for the first time while i’m away, it has some real treats in there so ENJOY ;)

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art meme: 3/? colors: rose

Frederic Leighton - Elijah in the Wilderness; Alphonse Mucha - Rose; John Singer-Sargent - Mrs Carl Meyer and her ChildrenFrançois-Hubert Drouais - Portrait de Femme; François-Hubert Drouais - Madame du BarryAnton Raphael Mengs - Maria Luisa of Parma; Edgar Degas - The Pink Dancer; Edward Robert Hughes - Juliette Gordon Low; Gustave Jean Jaquet - Portrait of a Lady

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posting all those nasturtiums a few days ago was such a good idea. this should JUST be a blog about nasturtiums, honestly. they calm me down so much.

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let’s start a “queer kids identifying with monsters and villains because we grew up watching queercoded bad guys in every show and movie” club

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