Miss Mathilde Townsend, Detail. by John Singer Sargent (1907)

guess i’m gonna put on my bathing suit and walk to the beach in a half an hour for the sunset, jump in the ocean, swim until my whole body is numb, collapse on the sand, go get some pancakes, ask if they’re hiring waitresses with salty hair and bloodshot tired eyes. guess i’m gonna take my meds today for the first time in over a month. guess i’m gonna be too tired to walk back to my house and call my mom to come pick me up. guess we’re gonna call plymouth and see if we can talk to another person, talk to anyone. i’m sitting in the dark right now listening to the same songs i always do. i can see the sky’s getting grey outside. any change is radical to me, radical to my body, even just the temperature changing a little. being outside as it goes from night to day, day to night, 59° to 73° okay

a 22-year-old black man (who i went to high school with) was racially profiled and arrested in my town for disorderly conduct. he was held without bail, immediately taken to court, and now is being forced to stay in jail for the long weekend.

he is friends with my brother and we are trying very hard to figure out what’s going on. the police and people in the prison system refuse to give us any information. I don’t want him to have to even stay the night there, let alone four days. please signal boost this. I’m trying to find the number of a hotline i can call, for help with what we can do. seriously, PLEASE signal boost this. 

we are located in the south shore of massachusetts, he was arrested in Scituate, MA and he is being held in Plymouth County Correctional Facility, for reference. 

URGENT: does anyone have the aclu hotline that was going around during occupy (and I saw it a few times in the past few weeks)? I need to contact a lawyer or other civil liberties professional for wrongful detaining. This is an emergency.

AU where lily’s the one who Voldemort couldn’t kill and she and harry escaped and were in hiding until he was 13, when Hagrid tracks them down in the seaside shack to take harry to hogwarts.

there is a version of myself that i can see possibly wearing these watermelon high waisted shorts  but that version of myself also smokes weed* and goes out with boys she met on okcupid soooo


time after time // cyndi lauper

if you’re lost, you can look and you will find me
time after time
if you fall, i will catch you, i’ll be waiting
time after time


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